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Location of the movie was trattoria Tave Tab in WAKAYAMA

Try it to add just a drop more pleasure to mealtime.

Kurumazaka is made to show off the umami of high quality rice, yet keep a clean finish, so it is best enjoyed with a good meal. Our sake is made using the traditional kimoto and yamahai starter techniques, which offers a robust, full flavor that will transform meals of not only Japanese cuisine, but all kinds of dishes, into something even more special.

Our aged sakes express a greater depth of flavor, allowing them to improve your meals in an all new way, as well.

Yamahai Sake

  • Kurumazaka Yamahai-Junmai-Daiginjo

    Kurumazaka Yamahai-Junmai-Daiginjo

    We make our yamahai sakes to be a truly universal meal drink that can accompany everything from appetizers to the dessert.

  • Kurumazaka Yamahai-Junmai-Ginjo

    Kurumazaka Yamahai-Junmai-Ginjo

    These sakes have a profound structure, while still expressing the delicateness of ginjō brewing, resulting in a clean, smooth yamahai sake.

  • Kurumazaka Yamahai-Junmai<br />

    Kurumazaka Yamahai-Junmai

    Their robust structure and rich flavor, with the depth of maturation, is best suited to heavier dishes.

Standard Sakes

  • Kurumazaka Junmai-Daiginjo<br />

    Kurumazaka Junmai-Daiginjo

    This sake has a gentle fruitiness, with a mild note of umami to add depth.

  • Kurumazaka Junmai Superieur

    Kurumazaka Junmai Superieur

    Light and refreshing. A good balanced of acidity remains in the mouth makes good match with flavor of the ingredients.

  • Kurumazaka Ginjo

    Kurumazaka Ginjo "matchies fish dish"

    Great with fish dishes. This is a lighter ginjō with a bit of acidity that makes it especially easy to pair with sushi.

  • Kurumazaka Junmai

    Kurumazaka Junmai

    It has the deep umami of a matured sake, with a delicate mouthfeel, and is lovely with aemono Japanese sauced side dishes or nimono-style stewed dishes. This light junmaishu does not cloy, making it perfect for longer drinking sessions.

Seasonal Sake

  • From winter to spring, we release a limited bottling of fresh-pressed sake made with newly harvested rice.In summer, we offer light, refreshing sake,and in autumn we offer matured sakes perfect for drinking chilled or warm.

Junmai: Sake made only from rice and rice koji (without addition of brewers alcohol)
Ginjo: Sake made from highly polished rice using special technique